National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame Inductee Bobby Gibson

bobby gibson

Bobby Gibson is renowned as a fingerstyle guitar player in the mold of Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, among many others, but with an added smooth jazz twist. 

With his Gretsch Guitar, Bobby performs classic songs new and old, including music from his two albums "Now Appearing" and "Christmas Guitar".  

Those of you who know Bobby know that he has played Gretsch for more than fifty years. My newest Gretsch is the 59-6122 re-issue. This guitar is as good as any guitar I have ever played. The sound is outstanding! I had the opportunity to play this guitar for the 125th anniversary of Gretsch Guitars in Anaheim, California. It was an honor and a pleasure to be included in this ceremony. I have included a couple of links for you to look at. I Hope you enjoy Gretsch as much as I have all these years. - Bobby